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Our priority is to support the globalization and establish international cooperation.
  • Date 2018-12-03 15:07:56
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JungTae Park, senior managing director of KoBIA (Korea Biomedicine Industry Association), describes the achievements of the association as a bridge between industry and government. He also highlights the potential of the Korean biopharmaceutical industry to become a global leader in the field.


Our priority is to support the globalization of biological products and establish international cooperation.

KoBIA was founded in 2011, what was the rationale behind the creation of this association?

KoBIA was formed to promote the Korean biopharmaceutical industry as a whole. Most of our members are local companies like CJ Healthcare, Celltrion, Samsung Biologics or small biomedical start-ups. On the other hand, around 20 of our 106 members are large international players like Pfizer or GSK. As an industry association, we try to provide these companies a single voice to achieve our goal, which is to take a bridging role between the government and biopharmaceutical companies.

In this role we want to support the commercialization of biological products and raise professionalism in the biopharmaceutical industry in Korea. Therefore, collaboration with different partners is essential. Through reinforcing the cooperative system between government and industry, we are improving biopharmaceutical policies and systems. Moreover, our priority is to support the globalization of biological products and establish international cooperation.


What would you highlight as the main achievements since the establishment of KoBIA?

One of our biggest achievements is the establishment of Dynamic BIO, a consortium composed of experts from industry, government, and academia. It can be seen as the control tower for biopharmaceutical industry development in Korea. Dynamic BIO is an unprecedented achievement, developing the industry and entering the global biomedicine market. Moreover, the creation of Dynamic BIO, the communication between the government and industry has improved dramatically.

Furthermore, KoBIA has been organizing the Global Bio Conference since 2015 in collaboration with the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. This year, over 3,700 leaders and experts of the biopharmaceutical field from 36 countries attended this event and shared the latest development and regulatory information. We covered a range of topics covering vaccines, recombinant protein products, cell and gene therapy products, GMP, and biostatistics. Attendees also had the opportunity to partake in 1-on-1 meetings with regulators and to network with stakeholders from the industry.

Moreover, KoBIA is establishing ‘BIO IT Platform website as part of our export support project for MFDS. We have been jointly operating the website since 2014.  This program provides information related to the biopharmaceuticals industry including overseas regulation, biologics approval regulations, and guidelines. It strives to resolve the lack of information associated with overseas approval that acts as one of the entry barriers to the global market.

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