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Vol. 57 (June 5, 2017)
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Reorganization of English Website of KoBIA

New website is available now

The Korea Biomedicine Industry Association (KoBIA) is making its utmost effort for the development of member companies and the industry as an organization representing the biopharmaceutical industry in Korea. With more abundant contents, we reorganized English website to promote the Korean biopharmaceutical industry in the world widely.

Major menus on the website are as follows.

About Us Biopharmaceutical
Policy & Regulation
Industry Insight & News
Newsletters Membership Notice
About KoBIA Approval System
Industry in Korea
Join KoBIA News &
Board of Directors Pricing System
Biological Products Member
Dynamic BIO Biopharmaceutical
Industry Reports
Location Policy Reports News Clipping

On Biopharmaceutical Policy & Regulation page,
information related to regulation on biological products in Korea is provided including overview of licensing system in Korea, overview of drug price reimbursement, regulation and guidelines and policy reports.

On Biopharmaceutical Industry Insight & News menu,
KoBIA provides information on the current status of biopharmaceutical industry in Korea, major biological products approved in Korea, industry report and news.

By clicking Newsletter button,
you can find KoBIA English Newsletter that includes regulatory information and major events related to domestic biopharmaceutical industry, which is published every Tuesday.

Information on how to subscribe for KoBIA and members is displayed upon clicking Membership.

On Gallery, Notice and About Us Menus, information on KoBIA and major activities are provided.


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